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Date: 2014.09
Client: Winston & Straw

Winston & Strawn LLP is a single unified law firm with over 1000 lawyers practicing in an integrated network of 15 offices around the world. Their presence in China relies on three offices (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong), comprised of approximately 50 lawyers who are fully dedicated to the practice of the laws of The People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong. Winston & Strawn Shanghai office wanted to inform their clients and partners of the latest legal news about China. They asked IT Consultis for a digital strategy to communicate with them properly, giving an emphasis to this new kind of service – very rare in the law industry where paper is the rule.

Launch it

Overloaded of emails and promotional info, executives need to be treated with care. Content strategy was directed to be relevant and efficient, in order to maximize the click and read. We created a unique email newsletter template, offering subscribers : The analysis of an interesting news article, from a legal/Chinese point of view. A monthly legal PDF notice to download, providing free legal resource to every subscriber. News or insights about Winston&Strawn LLP, for partners and clients. We integrated this newsletter using the third-part online service MailChimp, making it very easy for Winston & Strawn lawyers to create content, publish and send !

Many technical specifications are necessary to follow in order to design properly an emailing for MailChimp integration. Sober and elegant graphics were created to match Winston & Strawn’s identity, and our creative direction led to a template with high readability, and perfect clarity of content. Top part of content is embedding a summary of main info, giving short overview with useful anchor link to go directly to the full content.

Winston & Strawn has been issuing its newsletter every month since then.