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Date: 2012-2013
Client: Vivishanghai

Vivi Shanghai is a leading online community for Italians living in Shanghai. The website offers a magazine section with news about China in Italian, a forum, some classifieds and now even a shop with exclusive imported products. ViviShanghai contacted IT Consultis because their original website was very buggy. They needed us to clean the code, fix the security holes, integrate social networks and create the e-shop.

Launch it

To fix security issues and improve the overall performance of the website, the first thing we did was maintenance to update WordPress and its plugins to their latest version. We also modified the templates including a revamp of the existing design. We finally optimized the website to speed up display loading time.

Some of the graphics have been updated to be more trendy.

The website is now working perfectly, all the bugs have been fixed and the shop is now generating sales.