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Date: 2017
Client: Very Frenchy

Targeting Chinese travelers who wish to visit France, Very Frenchy has developed a gorgeous-looking website, not only facilitating content navigation, but also expressing a France’s soul with classy and elaborate design.

Very Frenchy is a dedicated website for traveling, providing a large number of interesting stories about France and tourism, complete with suggestions for destinations, restaurants, hotels, and activities for a memorable trip.

Very Frenchy positions itself as a “web magazine" - creating wonderful inspiration, and “travel guide" - revealing the most beautiful destinations in France. By targeting Chinese customers, Very Frenchy always seeks for ways to approach a new generation of Chinese tourists. The website’s purpose is to inspire and engage Chinese travelers who wish to visit France. Through Very Frenchy, customers can have the chance to explore and discover the most enjoyable places when traveling around France.


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