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Date: 2013.11
Client: TRI Federation

TRI Federation is the governing and promotional body for TRI – a new, full-contact, fast-paced hybrid sport designed to push the limits of conventional athletics – and is responsible for game development, recruitment, event management, and internationals coordination of competitions. Thanks to its existing promotional channels, global grass roots following, and growing human resources this Federation is poised for semi-professional and professional expansion within 10 years, possibly faster than the history of any team contact sport in the world. TRI Frederation entrusted IT Consultis with the task of creating a modern Drupal website that served to promote TRI and recruit players while at the same time educating them about the rules and regulations that govern this sport.

Launch it

In order to get the best look and feel, we added a piece of code to manage high and low resolution screens. It is a bit like a responsive design but in this case, just for different desktop sizes.

Tri Federation provided us with the graphics but a lot of corrections were made in order to adapt the design to fit within the grid system on which the website was based.

Tri Federation now has a professional website to promote, recruit and take TRI to the next level in the world contact sports. We wish them all the best.