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Date: 2014.02
Client: TEK Shanghai

TEK Shanghai is your one stop shop for every personal electronics need you might have. From routers to the latest iPhone or sports tracker, their online store has it – even if it isn’t available on the Chinese market yet. IT Consultis was set the task of helping TEK Shanghai with the maintenance of their website as well as offering support to fix issues it was having due to previous substandard development work. Up to date we have done 5 sets of revisions to fix, change or add any new features they needed to make their website as user friendly and easy to manage as possible.

Launch it

When it comes to offering maintenance and support services to fix a website developed by an unknown developer, it is extremely important to clean the code first. More often than not, fixing previous errors and substandard coding is more time consuming than integrating or developing new features. For TEK Shanghai, some of the major tasks we carried out included editing the WooCommerce checkout process – in particular customer information fields, creating customer login fields, adding contact and information buttons to product pages and making the website fully responsive. However, one of the most important improvements we did, was creating and implementing attribute buttons on their product pages. These buttons allow people to select different product specifications such as color, size, capacity, etc…and give a better user experience by allowing buyers to select exactly what they want.

TEK Shanghai’s website is live and problem free, with all its new functionalities giving customers a much better shopping experience. We look forward to working with them again as their website needs evolve and wish them all the best with their venture.