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Date: 2017
Client: Sugatsune

With Drupal and React, IT Consultis has developed for Sugatsune an exclusive website called Interior Collection, featuring only its high-end product lines. This website helps Sugatsune attract more dealers and be more effective in promoting their products.

Established in 1930 in Tokyo, Sugatsune is committed to producing and distributing only the highest quality products. The Japanese brand specializes in manufacturing metal hardware for different purposes, including door architecture hardware, catches and latches, drawer slides, hinges, hooks, locks, etc. Every product made by Sugatsune is tailor-made by its architects, designers, and builders to bring only the best experience to their customers. The company is also well-known for initiating new solutions for architectures and has remained over the last 87 years the top choice for many buyers.

Nowadays, Sugatsune has established 16 offices worldwide, produced more than 20,000 different unique items and exported their products to 80 different countries around the world, making them a true leader in their industry.


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