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Date: 2013.04
Client: SteigenTech

SteigenTech® means ‘rising technology’ – its products and systems are rooted in a successful history, yet are now tailored to European specifications. The theory of ‘Just Enough’ provides the key business tool: value. It gives the quality clients expect and the features they require – yet with a cost that works both on the product and within budget. Steigentech was a project that emerged from a great cooperation between 4in Group and IT Consultis. They were able to provide IT Consultis with all the graphical elements including the logo and 3D drawings. The Steigentech team wanted a website that would be take inspiration from the Apple website but closer to the manufacturing industry as well.

Launch it

With many categories and subcategories of products, it was important to find a good way to display them all on the website. The use of mega drop down menu was a requirement and was handled perfectly by IT Consultis. Playing with the fact that the design was responsive was also a challenge. The 3D module that was used allows users to load many pictures one after the other and when clicking on them, they look like the user is playing with a 3D animation or a movie.

Graphics were provided to us by our friends at 4in Group.

Targeting a really challenging market in Germany, France and other countries, we hope that the website will be a great support fort them. Good luck to them and all the best.