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Date: 2012.12
Client: Sigenics

Sigenics is a Chicago, Ill, based company. Being on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus, Sigenics develops strong relationships with top US Engineers. Formed in 2000 to develop silicon devices to aid in biomedical research, Signenics is an ISO certified 9001 company. Always at the forefront of technology, Sigenics needed a beautiful website to display their products and good practice in order to showcase their company to potential prospects and future employees.

Launch it

For the engagement page , Sigenics needed to show their process in the best possible way by using a flow chart. IT Consultis suggested the use of an HTML/CSS optimized flow chart where a little light box with further description about the step will appear for each and every single of them. WordPress was once again the best solution for them to have a user friendly back office and update their content by themselves after their very efficient training.

In the world of electronics it is very important to have a corporate and technological visual identity. Starting from the Sigenics logo we were able to provide them with a choice of design that would suit their identity best.

Sigenics was released in 2011 and we have been supporting the company in their day to day development. We wish them the best luck in that beautiful city of Chicago.