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Date: 2014.08
Client: Sifaris

Sifaris is a consulting company in the fields of IT. They analyze and manage risks of secured IT infrastructure. In order to renew their online presence, they asked IT Consultis to design and develop a new website using WordPress.

Launch it

As a content heavy multilingual website, choosing WordPress as the project’s CMS was the perfect option. Having a user-friendly back office makes it extremely easy for the Sifaris team to edit and translate all 3 languages the website is available in – French, English and Spanish. In order to make pages management event easier, we created custom posts in the back office for pages such as publications. The publication also includes a download management system that requires the user to fill out some information to unlock access to the file download, which ensures that only those meant to can download them.

Design has been created by our friends at ArtFeelsGood

Sifaris has now access to a great tool to communicate their services and to generate leads through the website. We wish them all the best with their business.