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Date: 2011.04
Client: Saleya

The Saleya is a well known French bistro in Shanghai. They needed us to revamp and expand their previous single-page website to a multi-page one with a clean, modern design that reflected their visual identity.

Launch it

Having a social media integration on a website that is intended to be viewed by people in China requires to detect the IP of the user right at the connection. Since the social media widget is loading content from a domain (for example that is not accessible in China the website is very slow to load as the browser cannot load some data. In order to avoid this, we detect the IP of the user and load the widget or not according to it.

We kept the website simple, clean with a focus on replicating design elements from their logo on different website features, such as the table booking form and social media and language buttons.

The website is driving some traffic and many reservations are coming through the website’s booking form.