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Date: 2014.03
Client: Edukar

Roadeo is an innovative startup company launched by Edukar. Based in Paris, its goal is to revolutionize the way people learn how to drive. Traditionally in France, people learn by taking private lessons with a teacher which has a cost. This is where Edukar comes into action: instead of having private lessons with a teacher, Edukar rents a special learners car for you to learn with the person of your choice. The goal of the website is then to: Introduce the concept Explain how it works Get pricing information Contact Roadeo to organize the renting of the car Roadeo contacted IT Consultis to design their new website and create a young and modern visual identity that would reflect their personality as well as attract their target market.

Launch it

The first thing we did was to create a young and modern visual identity to appeal to their target market (young urban people). Based on the logo provided by the client we defined the different colors and font that we used on the website. We also had to take into consideration some elements coming from the mother brand Edukar. Following the defined visual identity, we decided to follow the current trends by choosing a flat design approach, combined with its derivate, the long shadow design. We ended up with a lot of cool and trendy graphical elements. This atmosphere helps the visitor to feel good and find the website attractive with the ultimate goal of generating leads. One of the cool things we did was to create a flat version of the Renault Clio cars used by the company. Here is the result: Illustration of Roadeo's Clio Illustration of Clio car used by RoadeoTo make the project even more appealing to the target user, we made sure that a lot of CSS3 animations can be inserted in the website for an even more dynamic atmosphere. We wanted to have a customized map system. We therefore came with the solution of Mapbox that gives more control over design than Google Maps.

The client now has an innovative design for his innovative startup. We delivered them everything needed to attract customers with his website. We wish a safe trip to success to Roadeo!