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Date: 2011.11
Client: REC HK

REC was established in 2010 and registered in Hong Kong as a real estate investment management company. REC was invested in by New Margin, IDG Capital and DT Capital, all of which have rich experience in real estate project operation. Their areas of expertise include real estate industry chain development management, real estate fund raising, directional investment management and commercial asset management. REC wanted more online visibility and therefore needed a website. We created a created a multilingual WordPress website by adapting a template to match their visual identity.

Launch it

REC came to IT Consultis with many ideas and our long discussions and collaboration enabled us to guide them in the right direction. This was especially important for their diagram on the homepage as well as many other aspects of the website.

REC already had an established visual identity, so our job was to adapt the chosen WordPress template in order for it to fit their existing identity.

Website is presenting different contraction programs that have been achieved by the client.