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Date: 2012.09
Client: Perfect Way Ltd

With a decade of experience, Perfect Way Development Ltd has proven its expertise in the field of textiles for women fashion garment brands, both in “medium & top-of-the-range” segments. Based in Shanghai, the company offers its customers – mostly French – a high quality production. Its location, close to the fabric suppliers and factories in China, is the perfect answer to clients’ needs. Perfect Way contacted us in order to create a website explaining who they are, what they are doing as a company and the products they are producing. We did an adaptation of their visual identity on a WordPress template and optimized the website through on site SEO.

The website was made available in 3 languages – English, French and Chinese – to ensure that all potential customers had access to all content in their own language. We also integrated google maps into the contact page so that anyone interested in visiting their company could do so easily.

We adapted their existing visual identity to fit the template design we choose for their website.

Perfect Way now has a modern, dynamic website to showcase their products and make their business grow through increasing traffic to their website.