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Date: 2013.09
Client: Orix Insurance

Orix Insurance is an insurance intermediary company in Asia. They provide insurance solutions to their clients through their local offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Bangkok. All of their offices are locally registered through relevant insurance authorities. Orix Insurance is also a member of the AESIS Network, a network of independent insurance brokers stretched across 35 countries, that enables them to service clients globally. IT Consultis was entrusted with the task of updating and solving security issues rising from Orix’s outdated and unfortunately hacked version of Drupal. We also helped them with their logo design and visual identity, before moving on to creating their new website.

Launch it

Overcoming security issues coming from their outdated Drupal website was a key part of our work with Orix Insurance. We did this by creating a new website using WordPress 3.5. There was also a need to create many categories and custom posts for them to display their content. The challenge here was in how to arrange and display those categories. The creation of special sidebars using accordions which are easy to manage from the back office was also very interesting. The website’s content is in both English and Chinese. With a very dynamic team, Orix Insurance needed to express themselves and communicate the insurance regulations in Asia with locals just as well as with expatriates. We created a blog for them using classic features of WordPress and also a dynamic form which allows them to drive traffic to the website.

We cooperated closely with the Orix Insurance team to redesign their logo through Typo research – one for ORIX and one for Insurance. They knew what they wanted from the very beginning, making it a pleasure to work with them. As an insurance company the idea behind the logo was to give the feeling of being protected and reflect the company image of reliability and prestige. Taking this into account we came up with the concept of an oryx facing forward, looking calm but ready to protect its territory. We also designed a unique visual chart for them to integrate on the website.

After close cooperation, the website was released at the end of August 2013 and will give Orix Insurance a great website to introduce their services and stand out of the very tough competition in the insurance industry in Asia. We wish them the best of luck.