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Date: 2013.12
Client: Open Hunt

Open Hunt is an innovative startup company based in Shanghai, which goal is to improve the head hunting industry. Traditionally, companies hire head hunting firms to find new talents. This is often very pricy and the quality of the service will depend a lot on the company network. In order to change this, Open Hunt came with a crowdsourcing business model. Rather than using the network of the employees of the firm, why not find talent directly through the members of the website. Of course if a member is selected, he will receive part of the fees paid by the company looking for a talent. Our goal for the website was then to: - Introduce the concept on a public website - Design a fancy dashboard to access a lot of content on the private side - Create gamification across the website to improve time spent on the platform. - Provide a complete UI Kit as a design framework for the project to be smoother.

Launch it

The first thing was to create an interface that matches the corporate codes (one of the target being the companies) and gaming codes (as the gamification is in key for the success of the website). From the logo provided by the client we defined the different colors and font to be used on the website. From there we decided to follow the current trends by choosing a 3D approach. We ended up with a lot of nice graphical elements using targets, badges, call to action. This atmosphere is optimized for user to introduce quality talents to the companies.

The client now has a very powerful design for his innovative startup. Open Hunt got everything needed to improve the time spend on the website.