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Date: 2013.10
Client: Sharon Santoni

Sharon Santoni is a French blogger who lives in an old French house deep in the countryside of Normandy (Northern France) and writes about her lifestyle. Sharon Santoni entrusted IT Consultis with the migration of her blog from Blogspot to a self hosted WordPress website, as well as with the creation of an online shop.

Launch it

For Sharon Santoni it was important to keep the subscribers to her previous blog without loosing traffic through the migration. We managed to do that by migrating the subscribers she had on Feedburner to AWeber and by adding a redirection of the previous blog address to the new one. We also made the website fully responsive in order to allow the users to browse it from any location and device they choose.

We collaborated with Sharon Santoni in order to choose the perfect style for her new blog while trying to maintain the overall style of her previous one to prevent the users from feeling like there was too big of a difference and instead see the changes as an improvement.

So far the results are very positive. The users browsing Sharon’s blog are happy with the changes and have not experienced any disservice. From the technical point of view, the redirect are working well and the users subscribed to the newsletter have been migrated completely. This resulted in an increase of traffic to the website.