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Date: 2014.03
Client: Morgan Reynolds

Morgan Reynolds is an emerging architectural designer with a broad skill set and diverse range of experiences in the field of architecture, engineering and fabrication. After living in China for 3 years, he decided to move back to his native US and entrusted IT Consultis with the development of a brand new personal website that would allow him to showcase his previous work and experience, as well as open doors to networking opportunities within the architectural industry and establish his online presence.

Launch it

For an architecture website that needs to be updated constantly with new projects to showcase, it was very important to create custom posts in the WordPress back-office that would allow Morgan to easily edit, add and manage any projects or images he wanted to share. For the project page, we created lightbox galleries to showcase an unlimited number of project images without overcrowding the page.

From the very beginning Morgan had a clear vision of what he wanted the website to portray in terms of atmosphere and character. Through close collaboration throughout the design process we came up with a logo that reflected the angular and 3-dimensional structure of his work and then based the rest of the website’s visual identity – both color schemes and typography – off of it. Morgan Reynolds logo To keep the sharp architectural atmosphere, we chose Titillium Web as the website’s font. We also created a custom website background and social media icons to tie the whole visual identity together.

Morgan Reynolds’ website is now live and will hopefully help him grow his online presence within the architects industry and serve him to display his work for many years to come. We wish him all the best.