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Date: 2013
Client: Mianbao China

Mianbao China‘s passion is bread and their mission is to bring the enticing aroma and tastes of a quaint neighborhood bakery right to your front door. Their superior quality breads are made fresh every morning with the finest local and imported ingredients and then delivered to you with consistency and care. Mianbao China aims to turn the daily chore of buying bread into a pleasure! IT Consultis helped Mianbao China maintain and update their website to solve the security issues they were being affected by coming from an outdated CMS version.

Launch it

By updating the website we fixed security problems coming from Joomla 1.5 and made it compatible with latest version of PHP. We also optimized the website to make it faster and halved hosting costs by offering them our high quality and affordable hosting services.

Mianbao China now has an up to date, fast and secure website where they can do their business without having to worry about safety issues.