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Date: 2013.04
Client: Markise Collection

The Reflections is a Hong Kong based Executive Coaching company, providing independent and experienced support to global professionals working for MNCs in Asia, or Chinese professionals working abroad. We have been working with Sabine Menon, managing director of Reflections, to create a fresh new web design and put the company identity in clean, 2012, zen trends.

Launch it

A zen & corporate look is not enough to be a good coaching company online. Modifications to the logo were necessary, in order to modernize the colors, update the font used, and add Sabine Menon as personal branding. The website needed to give a feeling of trust to all visitors, so client testimonials were added. All pages are an immersion into « Feng-shui » and kindness is what Reflections consultants are providing to expats in Shanghai. With a combination of custom-made graphic design and development in HTML5, has been optimized for a very quick top-navigation and call-to action colored buttons to access all main pages.

From the beginning, we wanted some interactive effects on UI, with accordions, slideshows, or other animations. IT Consultis designers used warm but not aggressive colors on UI elements, with rectangular shapes for stability and construction identity. Aller Light Italic and Jura Bold fonts were used to be easy to read and dynamic. Finally, we did a selection of high quality pictures to reflect the Chinese background in a peaceful executive service.

Sabine Menon and The-Reflections is growing and expanding. After a first version in English and Chinese, a French version will come out and a blog is on its way… Discover the executive coaching services :