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Date: 2014.03
Client: Mains lib'

Mains Lib is a dynamic startup that wishes to change the inconvenience all bikers experience when going to public places: carrying their helmets. A website with a big focus on branding and visuals elements to emphasize the different characteristics of the product was the client’s goal. To achieve this vision, IT Consultis created a one page website, separated into sliders which link to the main navigation and allow for a great UX and professional atmosphere.

Launch it




90% of the development of this website was done on the front-end, with the main development being the “Concept” slider. This slider functions as a 3-step synchronous scrolling that easily showcases the way Mains Lib’s service works. Mains Lib Synchronous scrolling 1 Mains Lib synchronous scrolling 2 Mains Lib synchronous scrolling 3

In term of design, we decided on a flat design with fresh shades of blue as the perfect style for this website. It allows their service images to take center stage while keeping the background clean, simple and give the website a youthful feel. JavaScript animations also help bring the design to life and make it interactive. We delivered a simple UI focusing on a smooth scrolling navigation, to make sure the users will scroll down all the way to the end of the website and click on the call to action button and contact Mains Lib’s staff if they are interested in finding out more about their service. Mains Lib footer screenshot As a one-page website, it was very important that users wouldn’t have to keep scrolling up and down to find the information they were looking for, so we designed the navigation as a fixed menu. Taking the logo as inspiration, we created the design using circular and round elements in the form of bubbles for the numbers, as a button on the navigation menu and for the service “experience” icons. The font was also decided upon following the rounded theme and, taking that into account, went with “Dosis” Google font.

With their new website, Mains Lib’ is now able to communicate, recruit and educate their clients online. We hope they will quickly grow their business and develop an e-commerce platform in the near future.