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Date: 2013.06
Client: LSL Consultancy

Established in 2005 by the very accomplished Adile Cretallaz, LSL is a boutique management consulting company with extensive experience delivering professional and personalized consultation, coaching and training programs throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Australia. LSL specializes in sales development, management development, soft skills, hotel specific and luxury brand training and coaching. With a very motivated team that is always on top of everything, LSL chose IT Consultis to take the lead and develop their new website. The most important thing was for them to be able to display the fact that they were young, dynamic, motivated and close to the people.

Launch it

Already in possession of a logo, the team at IT Consultis met with the LSL team several times in order to build a scope of work. The most important thing with the website was to ensure that the sitemap and global architecture were much easier to use than previous websites that were created where users could easily get lost. The idea here was to make sure the website could be easily updated and be ready before a special event that took place in the summer 2013. Working together, the two teams were able to complete the project within 2 months including content insertion, development of new pages and transfer of all the blog post articles from the old website to the new one.

Using the existing logo as inspiration, IT Consultis used its colors to design a new visual identity for the website. Starting with the fonts, we then used the chosen colors for the menu, the links and the hover. Monitored by the LSL team, IT Consultis made things as bright and light as possible in order to give a great impression of dynamism. Some additional colors on the homepage were needed to be added by the LSL team.

With a brand new website, visitors now have the possibility to surf their website and find the appropriate information. The Chinese and English websites now have the same structure. On the homepage a lot of information is displayed and it is now also possible for them to better manage their blog and block spammers. We hope that the website will contribute to the success this company fully deserves it. Good luck to them and thanks for their trust in IT Consultis