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Date: 2012.10
Client: Bansard

Logistics International Service (LIS) is a wholly foreign owned investment company established in 2007, which provides intercontinental air freight, sea freight, trucking service, rail and river transportation with comprehensive value-added logistics services and local distribution. As freight forwarder, they have the best tailor-made logistics solutions for Import / Export in China and also offer many exclusive services according to clients needs. IT Consultis helped LIS to refresh their visual identity, improve their organic SEO and gave them all the tools and knowledge they needed to be able to manage their content through WordPress’ back-office.

Launch it

WordPress was the CMS of choice as it was extremely important for them to be able to manage their content without having to rely on external help. We integrated a tracking map for shipments so that clients could see in real time what the status of their cargo was. A time zone map, as well as a calendar feed from Google showing world holidays, were also integrated.

LIS needed to revamp their visual identity, so we worked with them to create a website that reflected their professionalism through a simple and clean design.

LIS is now able to manage all their content and keep their website up to date by themselves.