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Date: 2013.02
Client: Le souvenir Français d’Asie

Since 2007 as an NGO, Le souvenir Français d’Asie has been sharing the history of French citizens in China. It is somehow a tribute, and the aim is to understand the roots of the French history in China so that the next generations can share and remember it. They contacted us in order to help them with the maintenance of their website, as it was already a couple of years old and had not been maintained or updated since it was launched. WordPress and all the plugins they were using were completely outdated and the theme was broken, so we fixed these issues and optimized the loading of the website.

Launch it

In order to keep a website at its best performance we have to make sure they are fully updated and maintained regularly. This also prevents possible security issues that could arise from having out of date software. We updated Le Souvenir Français d’Asie’s website to the latest version of WordPress, updated all the plugins and fixed the broken theme. All these changes helped us optimize the website for a great user experience.

Le Souvenir Français d’Asie now has a fully up to date website functioning perfectly and with great performance.