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Date: 2012.01
Client: International Solutions

International Management Solutions Inc. is an accounting and consulting firm dedicated to assisting European Companies setting up in the USA. They can assist clients with accounting, tax, benefits and payroll matters in connection with either the set-up of US subsidiaries or ongoing activities and the preparation of their financial reporting. INTLMS’ focus allows them to develop strong competencies aligned with clients’ needs in particular with regards to business and cultural differences and the application of agreements between their country and the USA.

Launch it

Their original WordPress website was poorly maintained and needed to have many things fixed. The user experience on the website was really complicated. Header menu links were bringing the user to different sections of the website with a different header menu. For this reason, we decided that a multi website WordPress installation would be the best solution, as it allows the company to do their 3 in 1 website including one for INTLMS (accounting and tax company), one for IAS (certified public accountant) and their blog to talk about news and regulations.

Using the existing logo and structure with a header menu, the IT Consultis team spent some time redesigning the footer in order to push the latest news as well as displaying a quick contact form. The website selector has been positioned on the top right of the website. This selector can easily be compared to a language selector allowing the user to go from one website to another at any time.

You can see the results on their website here. With their new blog they have the possibility to post new articles regularly to create a strong community and have something that will be much clearer for all their users.