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Date: 2014.02
Client: Intelligent Business

Founded in 2001 by the Ebel family, Intelligent Business‘ goal is to boost their clients’ company performance by empowering their employees while improving the human resources strategy through corporate and personal training. Their expertise covers areas from personal development and human resources, to finance, negotiation and change management. Thanks to their over 10 years of experience, Intelligent Business has been working in many countries around the world and will keep developing very fast. IT Consultis was contacted by them to revamp their entire graphical chart, including redoing the logo, visual identity and business cards, to give their company a fresh new image.

Launch it

Besides revamping their visual identity, we also improved their website design by creating a mega menu, portfolio and blog pages, as well as making improvements in back office security. To show their presence and work in other countries Intelligent Business needed to have a world map that they could administrate and adapt in the future if needed without requiring major technical skills or the help of IT Consultis. We also ensured the website was accessible through all devices by using responsive design and made it available in French, Chinese and English to reach all target clients.

The logo was the first step in the design process. Starting with a Chinese character, our artistic director was able to decide on fonts and colors to then create the visual identity. A special version of the logo was created for the website and for the business cards.

With a serious corporate website that reflects their professionalism, Intelligent Business now has the possibility to compete with other industry leaders and retain potential clients coming to their website by enticing them to want to enquire about their services. Good luck to them !