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Date: 2018
Client: HyChinese

With Drupal 8 CMS and React as core technologies, HyChinese has a complete revamp of its website, bring a more customized experience with a bounty of certified recommendation on where to stay, eat and visit during your trip.

China is the world’s largest outbound tourism source market, with 62.03 million of Chinese nationals traveling abroad and spending USD 109.8 billion. This flow of tourists demands reputable sources for outbound travel recommendations that are dedicated to Chinese travelers. HyChinese was created to help these travelers have the best experience when traveling abroad.

HyChinese is a dynamic website showcasing a variety of certified hotels, restaurants, airlines, museums, etc. Its target users are Chinese travelers looking for recommendations for where to eat, stay, and visit when traveling abroad.

The certification system is what sets HyChinese apart from other travel recommendation platforms. HyChinese gives certifications to hotels and restaurants and grade them with different ratings: Gold, Jade, Red, etc. These certifications are called "Welcome China" and are developed and provided by the China Tourism Academy: whichever spots are granted with certifications from such a prestigious institution have a higher chance to be trusted and gain more customers. The criteria for these certifications are based on different benefits that these places provide, for example Chinese channels broadcast, Chinese speaking staff, Chinese payment being accepted, Chinese food availability, etc.


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