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Date: 2017
Client: Hutong School

Hutong school went on a maintenance for their 4 websites, which provides them with full control of students’ and partners’ database, along with many updated features and enhanced security.

Hutong school is one of the leading foreign-owned Chinese language teaching school and internship provider in China. Founded in 2005, this is the first Chinese language school with official foreign investment and management. Since then, the school has welcomed over 8,000 students, becoming one of the top choices for Chinese language courses and internship-seeking service in China.

In 2012, Hutong school acquired Internasia, which opened up a golden chance for the school to extensively expand its network in Shanghai and strengthen its position as an internship provider. Since the first global expansion in 2013, Hutong now has total 10 locations inside and outside China, consolidating its name as a prestigious language education and internship site, with three main programs: Extensive Chinese Program (ICP), Internship Program, and HSK Exam.