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Date: 2017
Client: Diana Pet Food

ITC developed customized WeChat bots to attract more followers and attendees to Diana Pet Food event.


banner diana pet food wechat bot


(Source: Diana Group)

In our fast-paced society, people often encounter a lot of stress and exhaustion that will degrade their quality of life. Having a pet is one of the best ways to improve not only your emotional but also physical health. A lovely pet can help reduce your stress, enhance social connections and mitigate the effect of some allergies. Diana Pet Food understands that more and more urban residents are having pets as family members; therefore seeking more products and services to support their pets’ life.

In 1990, Diana Ingredients was founded as a division of the food group Guyomarc'h. From an ingredients supplier, Diana has been expanding to three business units: Food - Pet Food - Nova (aquaculture and plant cell culture) and rebranded as Diana Group in 2011. Being present in 5 continents with over 950 employees, Diana Pet Food provides multiple solutions to improving pets’ well being and owners’ satisfaction. Diana Pet Food includes 5 different expert brands, each of which focuses on a specific area in pet food manufacturers or pet care business:


  • SPF: pet food palatability to enhance pets' sensorial experience
  • Videka: superior natural protection systems to preserve pet food
  • Vivae: health and nutrition solution to improve pet health and wellness
  • Odalia: scent and care solution to harmonize the life of pets and their owners
  • Panelis: measurement, providing insights into pets’ preferences and behaviors.