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Date: 2018
Client: French Lifestyle

Leveraging Magento and WordPress, French Lifestyle offers unique and seamless online shopping experience so wine lovers can get their desired authentic wines from France, and a variety of benefits in the membership package.

More than just a wine merchant, French Lifestyle is a membership-based website dedicated to providing not only one of the best artisanal wines from France, but also a unique and invaluable experience for wine lovers. By subscribing to French Lifestyle membership, wine lovers can receive two bottles of French wines every month to their doorstep. To obtain these authentic wines, French Lifestyle sources only from exclusive vineyards and partners, directly with small and authentic family-owned estates from France. The wines are tasted carefully and only a limited number of the finest boxes are imported to China and delivered to their members.

Stephane Knecht - the head sommelier at French Lifestyle - is one of the highest-rated wine specialists in the industry, with over 25 years of experience. He has traveled to many countries in the world, met over 100 vineyard partners and, as stated on their website, every year tastes over 10,000 bottles of wine. Being extremely passionate about wine, Stephane joined French Lifestyle with the aim to spread the wine culture in China, by handpicking exclusive wines that cannot be found anywhere in the country.

Besides the carefully chosen French wines, French Lifestyle membership also contains:

1. Fun eWine master classes for members to improve their wine knowledge level with the help of sommeliers

2. The French Lifestyle magazine to educate the members about the wine they are tasting

3. Tasting videos to compare their emotions with French Lifestyle’s famous sommeliers

4. Regular discounts and flash sales for additional wines purchases.






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