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Date: 2014.07
Client: Ubifrance

Ubifrance is a French Governmental Organization which aims to help French companies to develop their businesses around the world. With locations worldwide as well as in many Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu and Beijing, Ubifrance has a proven track record of success. This year they are in charge of organizing the France-China Institutional Health Forum to be held in Beijing from the 15th to the 17th of August to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the collaborations between the two countries. In order to promote this event and to create a strong cooperation between all the French companies they help, they needed a website. IT Consulits was chosen to design and develop that platform involving 3 interesting fields:

Healthcare and related Research and development
Government Organization

The result in this mix is, we believe, really interesting and as some would also say quite stunning.

Launch it


A website to celebrate collaboration between France and China in the healthcare and medical research industry, really needed to have an atmosphere that conveyed a sense of safety, reliability and adaptability for both the medical institutions and the French and Chinese governments. The overall colors of the website are here to illustrate the three colors that are predominant on the Chinese and French flag. Red for China, and blue white red for France. The use of Helvetica as a font was a safe choice and easy to go to with the rest of the website. The mega menu with direct access to the different categories where the companies are involved in, highlights this very important filed of the website.