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Date: 2012.09
Client: Expat Cucina

Expat Cucina is a website started by Dani, an Italian woman with a love for cooking who wanted a place where she could share her family’s culinary traditions, as well as shopping tips and tricks, with Shanghai expats. Dani was struggling with an old outdated version of WordPress. The theme she was using was causing performances issues so our task consisted in updating WordPress, upgrading security, changing the theme and making it responsive, as well as making the website faster by migrating the website to a new server + the use of a CDN. We also helped her create the layout for the book she published.

Launch it

Security issues are usually caused by having out of date software, so our main focus was to make sure everything was up to date and well maintained to improve performance and overcome any security problems the website was suffering from.

Dani entrusted IT Consultis with the artistic direction for her book. We also did a quick revamp of her logo and of the colour chart. Adjusting the WordPress theme to make everything just perfect for her beautiful recipes was key to the website

We delivered Dani a fully updated, responsive website that would allow her readers to access her posts through many different devices. All of her security issues were solved and the website was perfectly optimized. Many people are now going to enjoy her fantastic recipes. They look so yummy (the content introduction made all the team hungry). She is now giving cooking classes that every body should try. Good luck to her.