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Date: 2012.06
Client: EW Group Shanghai

Specializing in shop fitting with more than 15 years of experience, EW Group combine local competences (East) and western know-how (West). From the study of a project to the handover of their clients’ store, EW Group can handle all steps of study and manufacturing in China, Hong-Kong, Macau and France. We were entrusted by EW Group with the task of creating their whole online presence, from the design to the back end development of their website.

Launch it

Being a multinational company, it was very important for EW Group that we created a multilingual website to cater the needs of their English, French and Chinese speaking customers.

IT Consultis created the entire visual identity for EW Group from scratch, including color scheme, typography and WordPress template design.

We delivered EW Group a modern, fluid website in which the layout adapts to different screen sizes. The website is also fully multilingual with English, French and Chinese versions to reach all of their potential customers in their own language.