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Client: Eurasia Consultis International

EurasiaConsultis International (ECI) is a company specialized in sourcing. From auditing the factories and negotiating prices, to writing technical scopes and doing the quality control, ECI does it all. They needed to display all their services in a very professional manner and wanted to be able to update their services as often as possible. Being on the Asian market, ECI needed the flexibility of the CMS WordPress. ECI was one of the first IT Consultis Wodpress projects.

Launch it

In order to have a very professional look, a corporate looking template was chosen and perfectly adapted to the freshly newly designed ECI logo. The way in which the content was displayed here was key, so we designed a contact side bar spanning the entire website to convert as much of the visiting clients as possible.

• The logo was the first element of the design. • Email signature was designed to make the corporation’s communication more professional. • A corporate B2B brochure in English to spread the word for their services was created. • An access map to easily visit them in the Xuhui district was designed. • Email signatures to improve corporate communication of all employees. • Logos and icons to illustrate their everyday print documents.

ECI has been using its website for almost two years now, bringing many leads and clients to them. You can enquire more about their services and about our performance on their address: info [at] eurasia-consultis [dot] com. We thank them and wish them good luck on their business !