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Date: 2011.11
Client: Elico Corp

Elico Corporation is OpenERP Ready partner in China and offers consulting services to implement open source management software in SMEs. IT Consultis and Elico Corp collaborated to develop the visual identity in order to launch their website when the company was created.

Launch it

A colorful logo that would have a similar identity as the Open ERP logo that was initially needed. With the logo designed, the road was wide open for us to create the website and adapt the layout to have something professional that would attract and retain prospects. Programming a blog helped the company advertise their new services as well as new trends, achievements and technological breakthroughs. WPML was used in order to have a multi-language website.

The very corporate and professional website will appeal to both the Western and Chinese tastes. The use of red, grey and black clearly evokes the seriousness of the open source technology of Open ERP, perfectly managed and customized by the Elico Corp team. If you look closely, you might be lucky enough to see a small detail, the signature of Open ERP, in the top right of the line under the header menu: an ant. The service page was created in a beautiful way in order to sum all of them up to the netizens.

The website has been online since 2011. We are proud to be have been able to help the Elico Corp team with their development. Discover the solutions that will help improving your SMEs