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Date: 2014.07
Client: Efixens Patrimoine

Efixens Patrimoine is a French wealth management company offering financial services such as real estate investments, savings, investment funds and retirement planning. In order to established their online presence, they set IT Consultis the task of developing a new WordPress company website.

Launch it

As a wealth management company, it is very important for them to ensure that website visitors understand their services, the needs they might have to secure their financial future and to be able to imagine what their life might look like if they use the company’s investment services. In order to allow visitors to take a look at their financial future, we implemented an investment simulation tool. Once they complete the form, they receive partial results prompting them to contact Efixens to discuss the rest. This makes this tool a great lead generation effort.

Efixens is now able to achieve over half of their overall lead generation targets through the website thanks to all these tools. A clean User Interface and deeply thought out user experience enable a strong information delivery to their clients as well.