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Date: 2013.05
Client: Durable Deck

Durable Deck provides ecological composite decking, composite wood fencing and composite wood cladding. Green & Durable Pty. Ltd. was founded by European and Australian experts in composite decking wood industry, active for many years in West and North Europe. The IT Consultis team helped them enter the Australian market, with an e-commerce strategy and a new online store optimized for Australia. Using Prestashop, we built their online catalog offering high quality composite wood material and their services. A lot of template pages optimizations were made in order to improve the quality scores and conversion rate. We had great pleasure in providing them with a fresh new e-commerce website while working with their very talented team, who were highly experienced in web-marketing conversion principles.

Launch it

Building a Prestashop website means finding the appropriate template and plugins compatible with the selected version of the CMS. During DurableDeck development, IT Consultis had to modify many visual and plugin elements to create the compatibility with the latest version used! The 5-steps order process was optimized to improve the conversion rate of this e-commerce website, reducing loss during selection of carrier or confirmation page.

Custom design and integration were conducted on the Prestashop template to give it a unique Composite/Durable look according to the Australian perception. Pictures and fonts of the template were selected to provide a qualitative but not too personal identity on the shop.

Durable deck new e-commerce has been selling ecological composite decking online in Australia since the end of 2012 and is now attracting Australian residential, commercial and governmental buyers.