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Date: 2012.08
Client: D&Com

D&Com is an agency specialized in corporate strategy, marketing, consulting and communication for foreign companies willing to enter the French, Chinese and Myanmar markets. We worked with the team at D&Com to create their new company website using responsive web design built on Bootstrap framework with WordPress as the content management system of choice.

Launch it

D&Com wanted their clients to be able to access them on any device they own, so making their website responsive was very important.

The design of D&Com was really interesting. Starting from our designer’s inspiration to go for a one page website, we decided to go for a single page using Bootstrap. Then our designer decided to set up the content of the home page. Organizing a photo shoot, we took photographed the hands of somebody holding a business card the Chinese way, with chopped sticks on the side. The objective here was to deliver the message to the website visitor that D&Com is an international company with both knowledge of the Asian and European Market. We then had to make sure the design would be perfect for any device. It was a pleasure to work with D&Com on that design.

We delivered D&Com a single-page modern website that explains straight to the point what D&Com do.