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Date: 2014.09
Client: Best English Name

Best English Name is China's best online resource for English names and Western cultural insights. Through quizzes, questionnaires and one-on-one consultations BEN strives to provide Chinese netizens with accurate and thorough information regarding their selection of English names to suit them. Best English Name entrusted IT Consultis to develop their website and visual identity completely from scratch to replace an existing starter website that wasn't satisfying the needs of the growing business or representing the company in the way they wanted to be perceived.

Launch it


With young girls and new moms as the main customers, the website needed to be fun, quirky and cute. To achieve this look, we illustrated and animated custom cartoons with playful aspirational backgrounds of world landmarks. The cartoons themselves can be found all around the website illustrating what different blog categories are about. Without an official logo to base the visual identity on, we decided to go for bright colors to represent the company's bubbly personality and give us the freedom to be flexible with the color scheme once the final logo was provided by the client. The whole website is done in flat design with eye catching animated call to actions to encourage people to sign up for a consultation with the BEN team.

Best English Name