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Date: 2012.03
Client: Avenir Performance

Avenir Performance is a luxury brand of car maintenance products, founded by the great entrepreneur Florent Lenisa. Their products range from shampoo to polish to microfibers, making them a perfect fit for sports cars as well as luxury cars. For them, IT Consultis needed to migrate their previous store into a really well designed Prestashop store.

Launch it

The challenge here was to provide Avenir Performance with a tool that would be fully SEO optimized, that would enable them to manage their back office with multiple users and using the multiple functionalities that are offered by the e-commerce Content Management System Prestashop. In-depth training was provided to the Avenir Performance team and we are closely following up their online adventure.

Starting from their previous shop we helped them with: • Inserting and photoshopping all their content • Choosing the design and layout of the pages • Improving the user experience for a better conversion rate

Avenir Performance was able to launch their website successfully. By working on their marketing and off site SEO, we were able to see the effect it had on their traffic and the resulting sales made on their website, which was the perfect tool to also help them with their B2B sales.