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Date: 2013.07
Client: Aspire Health

Aspire Health is a healthcare specialist offering a range of holistic health services from personal training, Siam Reiki treatments/courses and Thai massage therapy, to metatron biofeedback frequency diagnosis. Trying to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle in any city is tough but being away from home and in a city as vibrant yet chaotic as Shanghai, life can take its toll on even the most sound minded of people. IT Consultis helped Aspire Health create a brand new website to attract customers and grow their business.

Launch it

Using a old feebly website that was difficult to maintain hindered Aspire Health’s goal of supporting their growth and attract more customer. Therefore, we built them a brand new website using WordPress as the perfect solution to their problems.

We designed 2 logos for Aspire Health: one for web purposes and one for general branding. We came up with the idea of a lotus flower in different shades of purple to represent their values of purity, balance, peace and wellness. IT Consultis was then tasked with creating their whole visual identity, including graphical chart and website typography.

We hope that the contribution given by IT Consultis will help Aspire Health grow at a very fast pace. We thank them again for putting their trust in us.