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Date: 2012.11
Client: AFFC

Created in 2009, The AFFC is an association that brings French and Chinese Families together. With more than 300 weddings a year in the Shanghai area, the association’s members increase everyday. Starting from the design provided by our friends from Octopus Design , we were able to team up and provide this growing association with the website they needed. A special widget was created to enable the webmaster to create members directly from a csv file, helping them to easily manage the community. Mailchimp was connected to WordPress. Custom post were created to list partners, events and publications.

Launch it

It is sometimes preferable to work with custom posts and use WordPress functionalities in depth in order to manage simple events, rather than using a plug-in.

The authentic designs were provided by our friends from Octopus Innovation.

The website helps the community to be more aware of what is going on in its day to day life and be better connected. The number of members is growing at a very fast rate.