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Date: 2013.10
Client: ACBWO

ACBWO was founded by Alcidemaria Calisti, a Milan born entrepreneur with a keen perception of art and beauty. In 2010, he moved to Shanghai to continue his International Management studies at Fudan University, and it was here when he stepped foot into the beauty industry by providing consumers with a beauty gift subscription service. Currently ACBWO offers four gift baskets from the brand ALBION, to fulfill the personal needs of each customer. ACBWO contacted IT Consultis to help them create their E-commerce website to sell their gift subscription service to Chinese consumers.

Launch it

Using WordPress with WooCommerce was the perfect solution for ACBWO. It allows them to have complete control over the website, from editing to managing orders and payments, very easily through the back office. We also integrated a QR code linking to WeChat and a link to Weibo to allow people to follow the brand and share through Chinese social media.

IT Consultis designed ACBWO’s visual identity as well as their logo – a peacock to reflect the beauty and elegance of the brand.

ACBWO now has an elegant and fully functional E-commerce website which will help them grow their business and make the world a more beautiful place everyday.