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Date: 2012.09
Client: ABC Cachemire

ABC Cachemire is a garment company offering a whole range of cashmere clothes for kids. Creating an online platform was quite natural in order to reach a bigger market. IT Consultis was asked to create the online shop for the French market. Based on Prestashop, the result is now a powerful e-commerce site.

Launch it

Some clients wish to outsource the management of their logistic. It is possible to find companies that are able to - Manage the warehouse -Prepare the order - Ship everything to the customer Our experts can help you to create the magic link between your e-commerce and your 3rd part logistic company. Everything is handled automatically !

ABC Cachemire came to us with a complete Visual Identity and web design. On this project IT Consultis focused on the template creation and the back office developement.

Website has been successfully launched and offers a complete catalogue of products to dress kids with high quality and lovely warm garments !