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HR Generalist [Shanghai - Full-time]

Posted in HR & Administration on August 9th 2019
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HR Generalist

[Shanghai - Full-time] 

About ITC 

ITC empowers the most ambitious brands on their digital transformation in China and across other Asian markets. With a team of 80 experts in three countries. ITC leverages Martech, e-commerce and omnichannel solutions to maximize client’s  ROI.

What you will get out of this position 

ITC is building a strong structure to achieve its company mission by 2020. The Human Resources & Administration (HR/AD) department is one of the pillars of this mission, and you will play a key role in our organization. The HR/AD department has, among others, the crucial mission of raising satisfaction level among the team and bringing the best out of each and everyone of us. To us, these are key factors that  determine the strength of the company . We know that these assets will make ITC stand out and lead to achieving our company goal in 2020 and we are fully committed to improve them.

You will work side by side with some of the most influential minds in the entrepreneurship.  You will get great mentoring and a chance to practice in order to enhance your skills with latest and strongest HR approach :

  • You will have a direct impact on the growth of the company

  • You will ensure the stability of the company in terms of values by only bringing in people with perfect value alignment with the company   

  • Be part of the exceptional journey of the company who will become leader in APAC 

  • Interact directly with different line managers and gain a strong confidence

  • Improve the way you can influence people

  • Get knowledge and technical skills about how to build digital experiences

  • Direct mentorship from HR/AD Director


  • Assist the HR/AD Director in managing people operation in China entity and love to develop internally for upper career level with full HR functional experience

  • C&B:

    • Fully understand the salary & benefit formula of China's market

    • Mainly responsible for monthly payroll attendance, calculation following the latest law and policy

    • Collect and check the document proof for allowance reimbursement

    • Collect and check the claim amount of sales commission

    • Cross check with accounting vendor of the tax on income

    • Manage and proceed the monthly provident fund, housing fund, compulsory insurance by law

    • Act as the contact point with insurance/government agency related to compulsory payment

    • Be familiar with the market trends and salary grids to be able to advise the management following the latest policy and align the package

    • Be able to do research on salary and benefits for areas where company's present for future development

    • Step by step get involved in the proposal, discussion of salary & benefits' evolution and policy

  • Performance Appraisal:

    • Manage the performance appraisal calendar

    • Collect the evaluation from stakeholders

    • Give the evaluation from HR noted on individual and performance

    • Finalize the result with management, recommend pay action

    • Arrange & lead the meeting along with delivering the result in a proper manner

    • Be responsible for any further discussion, negotiation and requests from the employee related to the changes and feedback in time or seek the upper management decision to ensure the smooth review

    • Monitor the execution plan after the review

  • Legal:

    • Fully aware of the local law and policy related to people management

    • Fully align and know how to contact the agency/government office for related matter

    • Be able to build and manage the employee handbook following the latest standard

    • Be able to act as a reliable partner for management and colleagues when it comes to the labor legal matter

  • Training & Development:

    • Actively engage in the training & development program setup

    • Be responsible for the onboarding orientation

    • Be responsible for the training & development calendar, content and tracking

    • Be the in-house trainer on case by case basis

    • Get involved in the training & development quality checking by survey and analysis

    • Propose the improvement for training activities

  • Retention:

    • Act as a reliable partner for employee experience and sharing

    • Conduct the exit interview and offboarding process

    • Be able to track and analyze the turnover rate and generate action plans to improve the retention

    • Be able to work with departments's managers to improve employee loyalty and retention

    • Be able to work on and propose the loyalty programs

    • Manage and track the happiness data via monthly survey, quarterly and yearly survey

  • Innovation:

    • Work with the whole HR/AD team as assigned to research, implement and run the finance/accounting tools and systems

    • Actively coordinate with other entities in-charge to ensure the smooth operation and the available data for reporting

    • Utilize best practice and ultimate knowledge to understand the market trends, business model and generate idea, initiation, proposal in order to improve the HR/Labor/People performance and quality, process and procedure

    • Share and update to the HR/AD Director on a monthly basis for the law/policy changes that affect the business and company to have the active solution ahead of time

    • Actively get involved in the functional work to build the best culture for employees to work in, the best employer searched in tech APAC and maximize all employee potential

  • Coordination:

    • Generate all kinds of information, data and report under working scope as business needs and in the proper methodology based on requests

    • Act as the expert that manager/employee can come for the understanding of law, policy ...

    • Coordinate and back up Office Admin team in case of lacking resources or absence

    • Coordinate and back up Talent Acquisition team in case of lacking resources or absence

    • Coordinate with other departments for the performance understanding and analyzing

    • Coordinate with the management in PEAK and other bonus skims or related

    • Act as a reputed resource to train/mentor other interns, junior or new colleagues

    • Act as an ITC ambassador at the events, conferences, job fair, career fair as assigned

  • HR Information Management:

    • Manage all employee information, store in team drive and system

    • Be responsible for drafting, managing the labor contracts and other employment documents including employment letter, decision, announcement, offboarding confirmation and so on

  • Report:

    • Main responsible for report of HR China general function

    • Report on monthly, yearly and at any requests of the HR/AD Director

    • Advise HR/AD Director and the management for the reasonable solution/decision after reporting

  • Meeting:

    • Join daily standup and lead the weekly HR meeting by turn

    • Be responsible for the meeting minutes content and accuracy

    • Join other meeting as required

And other million amazing missions awaiting for you based on the business needs


Must Have

  • Education and experience

    • A degree related to HR or Business 

    • From 01-03 years of  experience in HR General function

    • Native Chinese with excellent English communication skills 

  • Soft skills Competency

    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to build strong working rapport with diversified departments

    • Proficiency in using social media and digital techniques for HR work

    • Be able to work in a tight deadline

    • Solve complex problems; take a new perspective using existing solutions where precedent may not exist

    • Be able to work independently under minimal guidance

  • Leadership mindset, influence on people 

    • Steadily work towards the result but not limited towards working hour

    • Keep the right mindset of being accountable for the work and ready to take extra and upper challenges

    • Show the shoulder to the business needs in all situations by taking extra missions needed

    • Always be accountable for the junior members or supporter under scope

    • Always be a backup for other colleagues and resources in case

    • Always show the positive spirit and attitude toward all levels of people in the organization

    • Build your own physical and mental health to bring the best images in all professional situations

  • Impact

    • Utilize best practices and knowledge of internal or external business issues to improve products, services or processes

    • May formally train junior staff

Nice to Have

  • Familiar with agency environment

  • Familiar with the multi-cultural environment

  • Any additional language is an advantage

  • A unicorn lover and ideally, someone who is not allergic to cats or dogs.

The Package

  • Flexible paid days off and many more 

  • Employment and insurance benefits above the market

  • Professional career path and frequently objectives, review

  • Multicultural team (14+ nationalities), non-stop parties, sharing, learning

  • Lovely office with modern facilities

  • Working equipment provided

  • Fun and dynamic team with great ambition, always fight for the same goal

  • Say NO to the dress code. We don’t judge your performance by the looks

  • Pantry area with snacks drinks available all the time

  • Other exciting team building activities


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