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The Whadayasay Series #1 - 10 Reasons to go for JAMstack

Posted in Tech on May 26th 2020

Top-notch Website Performance and Security

JAMstack is a modern architecture using common technologies, Javascript, APIs, and Markup. What makes it so different?
JAMstack architecture focuses on static files CDN rendering without CMS or database calls. The website is generated as static files and cache to a CDN.

If you don’t see the advantages yet then open your eyes for the 10 reasons to go for JAMstack!

1. As generated static files, the website can finally be design-focused without extra cost. Whadayasay?

The frontend is not limited by any template engines impairing the designer and developer possibilities. Indeed, creativity is brought back without performance loss.

2. Your SEO will thank you to be faster

Delivered through the CDN and without CMS or database calls, your website will just speed-up and kill loading time. This will raise your SEO ranking. Whadayasay?
Search engines nowadays consider web performance as an important ranking criterion.
It is very crucial to have a faster website than competitors.
JAMstack architecture is on average 6x faster than a common Architecture. Indeed, it is due to the rendering through CDN of a static Frontend.

3. Database or CMS hack becomes close to impossible

In JAMstack there is no direct database connection. All are served through a CDN reducing hacking entry points. Whadayasay?
When the website is on the CDN then there are no accesses to your database. Your website and data are safe without extra cost.

4. CMS or not CMS? That's the question...

We said there is no CMS entry point for hacking or CMS call while navigating.
You have a CMS in order to insert your content/pictures, manage your SEO but it is used before deploying on your production (on the CDN). Whadayasay?
You manage your content with your CMS as you used to do but the difference is that the CMS is not connected to your production server directly.
When you are done with all your modifications, you just press a button. Your website is built then it will be deployed on production (on your CDN).

5. Version control / Backup

We all faced issues using CMS and even more in collaboration with teammates wondering who changed a title, why a picture is not displayed anymore, how to go back to an older version, and the lack of a strong and simple backup.
This is common stress during collaboration on a website.
With this architecture, all the content is versioned control on Git. Whadayasay?
You keep all the history of your modifications, warmly in Git. You can revert to an older version in a click.

6. Simple technologies mean “easy to maintain”

All open source developers if they didn’t miss their life or living in a cave these last 10 years know these technologies: Javascript, APIs, Markup. Whadayasay?
You can work with millions of developers around the world to maintain your project.

7. But why change again? Old stuff works!

There is nothing new here. If you used a typewriter in the past and use a keyboard now then you can get the concept. A keyboard is just a typewriter used in a new way. Whadayasay?
Javascript and APIs are used in a new way, like if you suddenly go to the gym after these years of beers/cocktails nights. Same old body but healthier.

8. How can it beat WordPress, Drupal, and all these international awarded solutions?

Simplicity, performance, security. More advertising budget for the big names doesn’t mean it is better. It just means more advertisement budget. Whadayasay?
Drupal, WordPress started small and it took time for them to reach the community of developers. JAMstack is already considered by all developers who are connected to the internet as the right path for technology development. There are already millions of developers working with this architecture.

9. But I am used to WordPress and Drupal...

You know what? You can still use WordPress and Drupal or almost anything else. Whadayasay?
Yes, JAMstack architecture can be applied using these CMS with a headless approach. You won’t change your habits but you will get a load of advantages. Isn’t it great?
There are still plenty of people who do not want to change (even among the developers). Bad habits survive where laziness reigns. Productivity needs evolution.

10. How to get this bad boy on my server right now?