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WeChat Update In April: JD and Louis Vuitton Partnership, Opening Mini Programs On Mac And More

Posted in WeChat on April 16th 2021
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Vice President and Co-founder at IT Consultis

On April 1st 2021, both the mobile and computer versions of WeChat had a significant update with several important features both for individual users and enterprises. One of them would be the better integration of features between Mac and mobile ends. Users are able to view and interact with Moments , Mini Programs, Channel videos, and Live streams over computer.

These updates will be able to offer companies more opportunities to display themselves on several devices, showcasing their campaigns and potentially increase their numbers of visitors on their Mini Programs.


From 16 April at midnight, the iconic brand Louis Vuitton has its Mini Program directly accessible from the JingDong (JD) product pages to further its eCommerce reach in the China market.
JD’s annual active customer accounts increased by 30.3% from Jan to Dec 2021 reaching 471.9 million. This partnership will allow Louis Vuitton to access this growing audience while strengthening their private traffic at the same time.

Louis Vuitton does not sell its products via’s platform: users are redirected to the luxury brand Mini Program to confirm the transaction. When customers tap “LV” in the JD search bar, they will also be redirected towards the LV Mini Program.

For now, several Luxury Brands have flagship stores on such as John Lobb, Stefano Ricci or Vivienne Westwood. With this new partnership with LV, JD is creating an unprecedented Omnichannel model to provide a “seamless eCommerce experience”.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how many brands will follow LV”s footstep, and how JD will make this a financially viable business model.

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PART 1: More Accessibility On MacBook

Accessing Mini Programs on MacBook

It is now possible to open a Mini Program on a MacBook. On the previous version, Mac users had notifications saying this type of message was not supported. Users can now purchase on Mini Programs without having to switch on their phone.

The Mini Program has the same interface as on a Phone. When opening it, a new tab appears and users can easily navigate and buy. We reckon that the seamless connection between chatting and sharing Mini Programs on various devices will significantly boost the opening rate of Mini Programs for potential consumers. However, it is still not possible for the moment to open Mini games.

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View Moments on MacBook

With this update, users can also access Moments on their MacBook. An additional icon for Moments has been added to the page. Once users click on the icon, a separate tab will pop up. Users can easily scroll through the contents and see likes and comments. However, for this version, users cannot access and post on their own Moments using a computer.

View Channels Videos and Live Stream on MacBook

Users can open Channel videos and Live Streaming on MacBook. After clicking on the link shared in a Chat, the feature opens in a separate tab. This way, users can still continue to use the Chat while watching a video or Livestream. We can also find features especially developed for computer screens such as:

  • Share

  • Full screen

  • Floating comments

  • Report (only available for Channel videos)

  • Pin (only available for Live Streaming)

  • Rotate (only available for Live Streaming)

For now, there are also limitations, users cannot:

  • Like
  • Comment

WeChat accessing channel live streaming on Mac

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Watch the video on Tencent QQ

Floating Windows On MacBook

On the latest WeChat Update 8.0.2, WeChat updated the design of their floating window feature. The floating window section contains articles users previously viewed and articles they added themselves to the section.

On the mobile version of WeChat, users can add unfinished articles into floating windows. With the 8.0.3 computer version of WeChat, users are now able to do it on their Mac.

  • Articles: When users open up an article on the computer, a new floating window icon pops up on the top right corner.

  • WeChat Main Page: The floating window section is positioned at the bottom left.

Good to know, a synchronisation exists between users' phone and computer, making it more convenient for them to access unfinished articles.

PART 2 : WeChat Mobile Update 8.0.3


Maximum Stickers Numbers Up To 999

WeChat increased the maximum number of stickers users can add from 300 to 999. An interesting feature from brands that develop branded stickers collections.

300 was a limitative number most of the ITC team members reached very fast. Once attained, it was not convenient for users to add new stickers since they had to delete the previous ones.

Knowing Chinese people are fond of emojis, gifs and stickers that are broadly used on WeChat and other social media, many brands created their own branded stickers for this market. They are part of Chinese’s daily conversation and even have a name: 表情包 (biao qing bao).

Brands can now let their creativity speak and release stickers collections users will be more willing to add and use. An interesting update that could more easily spread brand awareness on the WeChat platform.


Adding Contact in Group Chats

Another interesting update for brands that own multiple group chats: WeChat made it possible to add people to groups from their contact settings. Before, it was only possible to add someone by first accessing the group and then adding a new member in it.

This update has successfully reduced the time users need to spend on putting new contacts into specific groups.

For brands, this is a path towards an easier and better management of customers on the platform.


Videos Length Extended On Moments

Chinese users are huge consumers of video content. WeChat is answering this demand with the new update 8.0.3. The video time limit on Moment was extended from 15 to 30 seconds. For longer videos, users have the options to upload them on Channel or via another platform called WeSee. A way for KOL to better use Moments for their partnerships.


Changing Speed For Videos And Live Stream Reminder

For videos more than 1 minute, users can find a new feature on the top right corner: speed. Users can now change speed to 0.5x, normal, 1.5x, and 2x. This will greatly save users time while they are watching long Channel videos. Aside from speed changing updates, users can also see when a Channel has scheduled a Live Streaming. Users can reserve the live streaming and will receive a notification when the scheduled time is approaching. This update has made it much more convenient for users to attend their Streams.

Watch the video on YouTube

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Checking All Friend’s Status In One Tab

The status update is brandly new and at ITC we were among the first one to speak about it. In a previous article, we mentioned the difficulty to access all your friends' status at the same time.

In this 8.0.3 update, WeChat created a tab dedicated to contacts' statuses. No need to scroll all your contact page to check if some of them added a status. This update shows WeChat is evolving and improving very fast towards more features and a better user experience, positioning itself once again as the social commerce platform brands must be present in. 

WeChat update check contacts status

Towards More Privacy Settings

With this new update, WeChat extended the privacy feature initially accessible from Chat and Moments only. Users can now block contacts from:

  • Chats

  • Moments

  • Channels

  •  Top stories

  •  WeRun

As a reminder, you can access your privacy settings into “Me-Settings-Privacy”. You can now find the different categories and simply add people on them.



Homepage Top Searching Icon New Design

Last month, we already introduced you to a new Homepage Search bar design. It seems that WeChat did not decide yet which one they preferred and has changed it once again. The new one includes a “Search Mini Program” text, pushing users to look for their favorite brand’s Mini Programs.

This new design is spreading the message among WeChat users who were not aware they could search for Mini Program from the HomePage. A real advantage for businesses that already own one.

WeChat update homepage search bar design

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