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WeChat in September 2020: Hashtags, Live Streaming, Deleting Comments and More

Posted in E-commerce on September 14th 2020
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WeChat Digest

September 2020

After the Covid-19 story, the world keeps looking at China for its technologies. The Chinese digital ecosystem has been at the center of political conflicts for a few months.  Another reason to attentively read our Wechat Digest.

The ITC team has selected the most remarkable updates that contributed to WeChat success during the month. Enjoy!

WeChat Launches Hashtags on Official Accounts

Mini Program Live Broadcast is Now Available

Deleting Comments on Moments

Mini Programs Can Now be Shared on WeChat Moments

Tencent Launches a Unique Advertising Platform

Doing Shopping on WeChat: A Growing Trend

Weibo Redirection to WeChat Mini Programs

WeStore, What You Need to Know About


Official Accounts

WeChat Launches Hashtags on Official Accounts

It is now possible to add hashtags to articles published on Official Accounts. Brands can choose the hashtags that define their articles in order to classify them and allow users to find certain topics easily.

There are 3 ways Brands can add hashtags:

  1. In the back-end, to define their Brand and Official Account.
  2. When Brands add an article, video or picture, to give idea about the topic.
  3. After having posted an article, video or image, Brands can still add hashtags thanks to the "hashtag" tab.


5 hashtags maximum can be added, and there is no limit on how many times you can edit topics.

 Mini Programs Live Broadcast

Mini Program Live Broadcast is Now Available

On August 27, an internal Live Group function was introduced to WeChat. By logging into the Mini Program, businesses are able to check whether they have received the public test invitation in the "function" section.

The Mini Program Live Broadcast is accessible to Official Accounts that are respecting WeChat regulations, have more than 100 fans and active users for seven days. Last but not least, their advertising consumption on the WeChat Ad Network should exceed 10K RMB over the last 12 months.

Good to know, WeChat also stressed that "advertising may not be launched using this function without the permission of the law or the permission of Tencent. The mass broadcast function should therefore be used only after receiving permission from Tencent.

During the broadcast, some actions are available such as audience, likes and comments. Numbers of viewers and interactions are also displayed.



Deleting Comments on Moments

WeChat Moments has a new function with the latest iOS update (7.0.15) of May 28, alowing users to delete other people's comments on their Moments. The moments feed is somewhat similar to the Facebook timeline and allows people to see their friends'posts, like and comment on them. 

The update has been relayed on social media with the hashtag "CommentsCanBeDeletedOnSocialMedia" and reached 970 million views by Tuesday 18th. The new feature is in majority appreciated by WeChat users, who can now delete inappropriate comments from their friends.

ITC Take: This is a long awaited new feature that could have been implemented a long time ago. No need to block your moments anymore to your weird friend who constantly comments inappropriate messages on your posts.

MiniPrograms Can Now be Shared on Moments

It is now possible to share Mini Programs on WeChat Moments. Mini Programs developers will need to use a command to unlock the feature. Currently available for Android, iOS should be slightly more patient before being able to use this feature.

ITC Take: This brings another entry point to the Mini Programs, making them even more important aspect of the Private Traffic Ecosystem. We will see how brands can leverage this part to bring more returning customers, reward users who share and build more loyalty.

Tencent Launches a unique Advertising Platform

Tencent launched,. a unique advertising platform for all Tencent' display network resources. before, WeChat ads were managed under their own platform ( whereas other Tencent's resources were managed under the Tencent Display Network resources (

This new platform simplifies advertisers’ life, making them use a unique account to rund ads on all placement sites. No need to recreate the diffrent personalized audience groups for several platforms anymore. Advertisers are also now able to run WeChat Moments Ads without possessing a WeChat Official Account



Doing Shopping on WeChat , a growing trend

 According to The WeChat Luxury Index by Jing Digital and DLG, in the first half of 2020 45% of engagement actions on WeChat were linked to eCommerce. Even if this traffic peak can be explained by the Covid-19 situation, it also depicts the growing trend towards shopping on WeChat.

ITC Take: Finally brands and marketers do understand that WeChat should be used not only for branding perspective but to bring a strong ROI. The Private Traffic area is finally here.



Weibo Redirection To Wechat Mini Program

What about adding a WeChat Mini Program in your Weibo posts? Since June, it is possible. Weibo now allows redirection to WeChat Mini Programs from its application. until here, Mini Programs were only accessible within WeChat or by scanning a QR Code. In addition to proposing a new entry point to Mini Programs, Weibo allows a fast redirection towards them. A real advantage against Tmall and Taobao which links can only be shares on Weibo by recognized KOL.

WeStore : What You Need to Know About 

Tencent launched WeStore on August 20. WeStore is an online store Mini Program on WeChat opened to businesses and individuals. It is a fast and easy way to build a simple Mobile Store for very small businesses who have a very limited number of products and are not concerned with extended eCommerce best practices.

The store comes with the ability to launch WeChat live-streaming linking to the store. As a result, Youzan and Weimob's stocks dropped. These 3rd parties WeChat Store providers have seen their stock fall by 10 and 12 percent respectively.

ITC Take: This is a very early stage to say if those functions will ever be able to complete with the big giants like Magento, Oracle Commerce, Hybris or Youzan/Weidan. In a digital worls that becomes more and more omnichannel, we do not see how a Fortune 500 company would choose a WeChat solution only. It seems that this solution target really small merchants.