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WeChat Status, Sharing QQ Music, Animated Emojis And More

Posted in WeChat on February 2nd 2021
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The ITC team has cherry-picked some of the most significant highlights that have influenced WeChat's success during the last month. Get the details here!

An Overview of Recent WeChat Updates

WeChat Status Update

You can now add statuses like feelings, work & study activities, and hobbies under your profile. Add a status to let people know what you are doing or feeling, and check the mood and activities of your friends.

Creating Your Status

There are currently 21 statuses to choose from, create status following steps: 

  • Choose a status
  • Enter the text
  • Insert image or videos (Optional)
  • Select a location (Optional)
  • Set your privacy (Optional)

Music Status

WeChat has also the option to add music to your Status:

  • Share songs from QQ Music to your Moment 
  • Open the song and click on the title
  • Choose "set as my status"

The status will automatically be “listening to music” and the song’s cover will be the status’ background. Once finished, you can see the song's name beneath your status text. This allows others to know what you are listening to. If others are interested in the song, they can simply click the song title, WeChat will redirect them to the song’s page.


You can check all your contacts' statuses by clicking on the Contact tab. However, there is a little inconvenience because you wil to scrool all your contacts to check your friends status (Update 8.0.3: There is now a special tab to check contacts' statuses!). Friends who created a status have a little emoji close to their name.

You can also access your friend’s status from the Chat. If you want to know more about their statuses, simply click on their profile: you can access more details and give them likes. There is a little heart on the bottom right of their statuses: click it to like your friend’s status.

If a friend liked your status, it will show up on your profile with a little heart. Click the heart and you will see who liked your status. However, it is not possible to comment someone status.

Change Or End Status 

If you are done or get tired of the current status, feel free to change it. There is no limitation on how many statuses you can set in one day. You can change or end your status whenever you want. Once you change your status, the previous one will disappear.

Be careful when ending your status because it will not ask you for confirmation. In addition, there is no history feature for now so you cannot review the list of your status. Your status will remain for 24 hours before it disappears.

Check the video.

Animated Emojis

WeChat has updated its emojis several times. For the last January 2021 update, WeChat introduced animated emojis. When you send someone an emoji, it will animate for approximately 1 second before shrinking back to a normal emoji. However, for now, these effects only work when you send emojis individually without any text

New Emojis Design

The new animated emojis’ appearances did not change much. They are bigger, more 3D-like, and detailed. WeChat has also changed one of the emojis, the Hammer.

In the previous version, this sticker shows a hammer smashing our yellow guy’s head. After the update, WeChat changed the hammer to a pan with a fried egg which I guess is cuter and less violent.

In addition to this change on the Hammer emoji, the “Brocken” emoji has become a popular one. It is originally a smile emoji, that cracks in the middle of the face. This emoji comes from a very popular buzzword in 2020. People always use this to describe feelings like astonishment, embarrassment and experiencing breakdowns.

Full-Screen Animation

Aside from the traditional yellow guy emojis, WeChat’s bomb, party, and firework are game-changers. These three emojis have full-screen animations.

  • Bomb: When you send a bomb, it will turn into a red bomb at first, then explode. Meanwhile, both you and your recipient’s phone will vibrate at the end of the explosion. The message box will also shake as the bomb sets off. This is a very cool effect and the bomb has become a popular emoji after the update.
  • Party: the party emoji is basically a confetti cannon. When you send the emoji, it fires and there will be confetti flying around on your screen. It lasts approximately 3 seconds before it disappears. 
  • Firework: is a very unique animated emoji. When you send the firework, it will burst on the top half of your screen. There are over 15 kinds of fireworks. Some of them are even double fireworks. For example, when your friend and you send this emoji together, it will create a double firework on your screens. Good to know, if you set your phone on dark mode, the fireworks will be more visible.

Check the video.

Sharing QQ Music On WeChat

Users can now easily make their own music video on WeChat. Simply share a song on QQ music to your Moments and you can start editing. 

Set Music As Status

After sharing your music on your Moments, there is an option to set this song as your Status. By clicking it, it will redirect you to your status page and automatically set your status as “listening to music”. Once you finish setting up your status, you will see the song’ name in a round box right below your texts. Click it to come back to the song’s page.

Music Videos Made With QQ Songs

When you open the song, you might see a music video made by other people with this song. On the bottom left corner, you can have a look at other music videos. Above this section, it shows the number of people listening to this song at the same time as you. You can see the "like" and "comment" icons on the right side. However it only works for songs that someone has already created a music video for.

Creating Your Own Music Video With QQ Songs

If you want to create your own music video, click the three dots on the top right corner and choose “create music video”. You are able to add videos from both your album and your Channel. The song is divided into sections, and you can choose which sections you want to add videos to.

If your video is too long, you can choose which portion of the video you want to insert in that specific section. The sections you choose not to insert videos will appear as blurred animated color backgrounds.

Posting Music Videos On Channel

You will be able to review the music video once you click “next” on the top right corner. It will lead you to a page where you can post your music video on your Channel. On this page, you can change your video’s cover by either taking a picture or inserting one from the album.

Posting the music video on your channel is the only option here, so if you have not created a channel account already, WeChat will allow you to create one at this point. Options include profile photo, channel name, gender, and region. You can also decide whether or not you want to show your channel on your contact card. Once you’ve entered all the information, you can post it.

Check the video.

WeChat E-commerce Trend Highlight Of The Month

All You Need To Know About Group Sharing

E-commerce group sharing, also known as group-buying, a way to offer products and services at a reduced price when a certain number of buyers makes the purchase. The value of China’s Community Buying Market has been steadily increasing, reaching 121 billion in 2021. 

There are several group buying platforms in China. Among them, Pinduoduo is one of the fastest growing with a 13.85% YoY growth.

Aside from these popular group buying methods, WeChat group is also a rising star in the industry. The following steps are a typical community group-buying format: 

1. A designated community leader will create a WeChat group based on a region

2. The community leader maintains weekly or daily schedule of posting products in the WeChat group (products not limited to groceries but also life essentials)

3. Once residents placed their orders, the entire order will come in bulk and be picked up by the community leader

4. The community leader then distributes orders to residents or residents will pick up their orders

For consumers, they are able to access a wide range of products with a much reduced price. The original delivery fee for an order costs around 7 Yuan (0.89 Euro), but with community group buying, the delivery fee can be lowered to only 1.5 yuan (0.19 Euro) per order. At the same time, conversion rate is also higher — 10% in WeChat community group buying compared to normally 2-3% e-commerce conversion. 

WeChat community group buying is a new convenient and low cost trend as people can start a group buying simply by chatting. It is also an excellent way to understand the region's preferences. 

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