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Official Accounts Updates, Search Similar Images, Hide Group Chats and More

Posted in E-commerce on December 18th 2020
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The ITC team has cherry-picked some of the most significant highlights that have influenced WeChat's success recently. Get the details here!

WeChat Updates

WeChat Official Account Articles Updates

This month, ​Tencent updated some Official Account management tools. A new questions and answers (Q&A) option in Official Account Articles will benefit the audience. Besides, new features such as Search, Finder, and, Location will provide a better user experience and make companies’ information easily accessible.


Questions & Answers

Adding a Q&A section to your WeChat Articles is now possible! You can directly access it on the backend of your Official Account.

The Q&A section can be accessible to all users, followers, or recent followers (less than 3 days), depending on your preferences.

It is a powerful tool to increase engagement and get closer to your audience.


Location Sharing

Help your followers to find your shop easily by providing your location inside your Articles.

In WeChat Official Accounts Articles backend, you just have to select “Location” and write your address in Chinese. The location will be found automatically by Tencent Map and will be shared in your article.


Including Videos

To include videos in your WeChat Articles, you first need a WeChat Video account. Once your account is set up, you can add videos by clicking “Finder” in your WeChat Official Account backend.


WeChat Chat Updates

Search for Similar Images

When you are in the Chat, you can click a picture and access the Search option. This feature allows you to discover similar images.

WeChat recently updated many ​Search features​, which were introduced in our WeChat Digest last month. Tencent even acquired the Chinese search engine Sougou, showing its interest in facilitating the user experience.

Hide group chat

Group chats are powerful tools to get close to your customers and increase engagement. Brands strengthen their relationship with their audience by discussing with them and offering special offers.

Like Facebook, WeChat allows users to be part of families, friends, hobbies, workgroups, and many others. WeChat users are usually members of multiple groups, making it more complicated to manage everything.

The option to hide group chat is intended to help users manage their groups. To hide a chat, simply slide left from the chat interface.

3 options will appear:

●  Mark as unread: To show the group chat was not opened

●  Hide: To hide the group chat from your chatbox.

● Delete: To delete all the messages from the group. This option does not make you leave the group chat.


WeChat Data

Singles' Day

The Singles' Day has again broken ​records​. In this year, Alibaba reached 498.2 billion RMB (US$ 75.1 billion), and reached 271.5 billion RMB (US$ 41.1 billion).

But these two Marketplaces are not the only winners during that special day. Chinese netizens tend to buy more and more on Mini Programs. This year, Pinduoduo’s Mini Program was the one that attracted the most users: 67 190 000 visitors on the 11/11 only.


But these two Marketplaces are not the only winners during that special day. Chinese netizens tend to buy more and more on Mini Programs. This year, Pinduoduo’s Mini Program was the one that attracted the most users: 67 190 000 visitors on the 11/11 only.

Number of e-commerce mini-programs' daily active users during Singles' Day sales in China in 2020, by mini-program (in millions). Source: ​Statista.


Social Commerce Growth

Social Commerce is leading the marketing trends in China, and it shows significant growth potential. Emarketer released a ​forecast where Social Commerce sales are expected to reach $242.41 billion in 2020 and $474.81 billion by 2023.The part of retail sales on social apps only - like WeChat, will represent 11.6% of total commerce sales in 2020, and reach 14.2% by 2023.


Direct to Consumer is the Key

Nike Direct, a DTC strategy in China

Nike is successful in China with a Direct to Consumer (DTC) strategy. Its direct sales are growing four times  the sales of its wholesale market.Nike Direct” is a strategy initiated by Nike to focus on online sales, product launches and supply chain improvements. 

Last year, Nike launched a Chinese version of their App ( to develop their Direct to Consumer (DTC) strategy. The Nike App Chinese version is Nike’s one-stop shop and focuses on personalization, immersive experience, and lifestyle.  

While Nike has had numerous apps and Mini-Programs, this version of the app l functions more as a ‘master app.’ In addition to its App, Nike China developed a strategy including: 1. Selling direct and pulling back from third-party channels 2. Imagining robust brand campaigns and media enterprises of their own  3. Spreading crystal clear brand messages and compelling content  4. Connecting its sales and branding efforts by using data and CRMThis way, Nike sells more products at full price and has seen double-digit growth  in Greater China every quarter for more than 6 years.


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