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WeChat Moments Ads 2021 Complete Guide

Posted in WeChat on May 12th 2021

If you are looking for advertising on Wechat, Wechat Moments Ads are one of the best solutions to reach your targeted audience. How does it work to advertise in WeChat Moments? This guide will help you understand the different types of Moment ads for you to build the best strategy.

7 Advantages of WeChat Moments Ads

WeChat, A Strategic Platform Where To Advertise

With 1,225 millions Monthly Active Users (MAU) and a large range of services available, WeChat is the number one super app in China.

On the platform, users can chat with their contacts, share their Moments, follow organizations and companies' Official Accounts (OA), pay with their digital wallet, order a taxi, buy on brands’ Mini Programs, and many more.

WeChat users are spending 3x more time on WeChat daily than marketplaces such as Taobao and Tmall. On average, users also open the app 10 times per day! Therefore, WeChat appears as an interesting platform where advertisers can be more visible.

WeChat Moments, The Place Where To Find Your Audience

WeChat Moments are the equivalent of the Facebook News Feed. By looking at Moments, users can have a quick look at their contacts’ publications, called “Moments”.

A Moment can be a text, a picture (up-to-9 pictures), a video, and can include a link. Users can access it by clicking on the “Discover” tab.

There are also privacy features for Moments, allowing users to show their Moments to a select group of friends only or display them for a certain period of time. These privacy settings give users more confidence in posting on Moments.

Moments seem to be addictive for the Chinese audience. 780 million users were using the WeChat Moments feature and more than 120 million users posted at least one Moment daily in 2019.

Therefore, using Moments Ads are powerful methods for brands to be more visible.

Increase Your Visibility With WeChat Moments Ads

WeChat Moment Ads provide interesting advantages for Brands to reach WeChat’s huge source of audience.

Appear Natively In The Moments Feed

WeChat Moments Ads are native ads. In other words, they will appear on the Moment feed like any other Moment post. Users are therefore seeing them by simply scrolling their Moments.

Do Not Flood Users

WeChat Moments Ads are distributed in a smart way. Unlike other social platforms that may send a torrent of advertisements to users, users can only receive a maximum of 2 Moments ads per day. This way, users tend to pay more attention to the ads they receive. They can also click on the top right corner of the ad and declare they are not interested in the type of ad they received.

In addition, ads will automatically disappear from the users’ feed if they don’t interact with them within 6 hours. This type of ads management on WeChat makes users more tolerant towards advertisements.

Allow Interactions

In opposition with other social media advertisements, WeChat Moments Ads are thought to trigger the same interactions as normal Moments. Users can like, comment, and share the ads, and they are actually doing it a lot.

An example of successful interactions on Moments ads is the one from the travel agency Tripadvisor. According to an interview with SocialBeta, Tripadvisor received and replied to thousands of comments from a WeChat Moments Ad they created in May 2019.

To push these interactions on Moments, it is possible to tag the brand or a friend by using a “@“ in comments. Interactions between friends are also encouraged by the availability to see friends who have seen the same Moments Ad as you. 


Better target Your Audience

The WeChat Moments Ads setting allows advertisers to define their audience based on many different criteria, combined with a powerful target audience finder.


A Niche Target Audience Tool

WeChat is broadly used by Chinese people in their daily life, for many purposes. The super-app is therefore gathering useful data, including their occupation, location, hobbies, interests, in a very detailed way.

Consequently, advertisers have the opportunity to target a very specific niche audience on the platform. The different types of targeting options are defined in the second part of this article.

More than simply targeting the audience you choose to target, WeChat Moments Ads are also identifying similar audiences.


A Similar Audience Finder

The WeChat Moments Ads algorithm operates on a network basis. Therefore, if a user interacts with a Moments Ad, his contacts have more chances to receive the exact same ad.

Therefore, brands are more likely to see their ads distributed to an audience that will be interested in their products.

Access To Mass Data

WeChat Ads provide many information and statistics about the Moments Ads to help brands better understand how users interact with their ads. These data are useful for future ads creation and retargeting.

Optimize Your Budget

Because WeChat Moment Ads are native, they are not flooding users and disappear if they don’t interact, the number of impressions is very qualitative. This optimization of the Moments Ads’ impressions are providing better opportunities for brands to convert as well as avoiding paying for impressions that do not convert.

Access To Many WeChat Services

Using WeChat Moments Ads allows brands to redirect users to other WeChat features without any additional costs. The entire WeChat ecosystem can be used for redirecting users who click on the ads towards Official Account, H5 landing pages, location based services, Mini Programs, and many more.

All the possible redirections are defined below on this article.

In addition, WeChat is continuously improving the services offered. In 2021, they started to test the eCommerce Live-Streaming feature, developed the WeChat Shop and made Mini Programs accessible on Mac computers.

To sum up, advertising on WeChat and more specifically on WeChat Moments, is a good way to promote your brand.

How To Target Users With WeChat Ads Moments

WeChat Ads Moments are powerful to target very specific audiences based on demographics, environment, interests, behaviors and/or Official Account followed.

The interests and location targeting features are based on users’ in-app activities. Knowing Wechat is a super-app with many features and Mini Programs, brands can access an audience the platform identifies by their daily habits in many different ways (purchases on Mini Programs, type of Live-streamings watched, OAs followed, etc...)

The large range of services users have access to inside the WeChat App makes the social platform much more accurate for targeting than some other Chinese and Western apps.


Brands can target users who belong to a certain gender, education level, marital status and age between 14 and 60 years old.


The WeChat Ads platform can target users who have a specific operating system and/or mobile operator, and is powerful to collect location data.

Targeting users in China and Oversea

WeChat is broadly used in China, and mainland data is tracked to target audiences in specific area, such as:

  •  A specific area

  • A region

  • A province

  • A city

  • A business district

  • Users’ permanent residence

  • Users’ recent month’s residential area

  • Users’ traveling oversea (supporting 30 countries)

  • Users’ oversea permanent residence (supporting 11 countries)

  • Location-based Services


A Location-Based Services Platform

Brands can of course target people in a specific city or area, but not only. WeChat Moments Ads include a Location-based Services (LBS) platform that allows them to target people close to a commercial area with a 0.5 to 5 kilometers radius.

This way, WeChat Moments Ads are even suitable for brick-and-mortar stores that can target people close to them or nearby an identified Point Of Interest (POI), send them store coupons, and attract physical traffic to their shop!

The WeChat platform currently identifies over 4,400 commercial areas in China and 58 million POI (Point of interests) advertisers can select.

A good example of how brands are using LBS Moments Ads overseas are car rental companies outside China. Chinese travelers are not used to Western social media and may find it comfortable to directly contact a car rental company advertising on WeChat. Of course, writing in Chinese and showcasing Chinese people in the advertisement is probably a good strategy to increase conversions based on an oversea traveler target. Even if this type of audience usually knows how to speak English, they may trust a brand that speaks to them in their native language more.


The WeChat platform is providing much more targeting options based on interests than other social media, due to the large range of services offered.

For example, basic interests could be:

  • Sports: Tennis, Soccer, Fitness, etc...

  • Beverage: Wine lovers, etc...

  • Health: Healthy food, etc...

  • Cosmetics: Lipsticks,etc...

  • Automobile: EV car, etc...

  • News: Economics news, etc...

  • Entertainment: Animation movies, etc...

  • Travel: Camping, etc...

  • Home: Decoration, etc...

  • Games: RPG, etc...

  • Fashion: Women’s Fashion, etc...

In addition, thanks to the wealth of data on users’ digital behaviours on the platform, it is possible to target them in a more specific way with WeChat: using the “Behaviors” targeting option in their WeChat Moment Ads.

Fashion brands, beyond targeting people who like “Women’s Fashion” could for instance target users who;

  • Are following the Official Accounts of their competitors
  • Have already clicked on their ads
  • Are paying users on the platform, etc...

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Let’s have a deeper look at this “Behavior” option.


The “Behaviors” option on WeChat Moments Ads allows brands to target niche audiences, based on their previous behavior, combined with their interests. It is an option brands could use to maximize their ads conversion. First, the audience targeted will be much more specific. As an example, the target could be only people who are following organic cosmetics Brands Official Accounts on WeChat. Second, it allows them to identify people who are actually buying using the WeChat platform.


The “Behaviors” option on WeChat Moments Ads is also a good tool for retargeting. Brands can decide to target people who already clicked on their previous ads, which is an interesting way to trigger the users’ interests for the Brand and remind them about their products.

Brands can also choose to target people who are interested in their products and active on their Official Accounts. It is indeed possible to send WeChat Moments Ads to users who have previously liked or posted comments on their Official Account.

You can even choose to re-target previous customers by choosing an audience who previously redeemed your store coupons on WeChat.

Search For The Word

The “Search For The Word” option is a powerful tool to make “ready-to-buy” users discover your brand. Here, we are targeting people you want to buy a product, but do not know from which brands.

As an example, brands can target people who searched “car shop” in the previous 30 days.

Following Brands Official Account


A Strategic Targeting Option...

Advertisers on WeChat Moments Ads can use the “Behaviors” option to minimize the risk of targeting the wrong audience by choosing to target people who are following similar Official Accounts as their own. Here, they have to identify these Official Accounts. For example, a Luxury Brand can select Louis Vuitton Official Account followers as a target audience.

However, Brands should be aware that limiting their target audience based on people who are following their competitors' Official Account only, even if it could be strategic, could also make them miss an existing audience. In fact, some people may not follow Official Accounts from the same industry as their Brands, but could have been potential customers if they had seen their WeChat Moments Ads.

Therefore, the “Behaviors” option is a very interesting one brands should smartly include in an overall marketing strategy.


That Should Be Used In An Overall Marketing Strategy

In addition, by using the “is already following X Official Account” inside the “Behaviors” option, Brands are also taking the risk to display their ads to an audience already fidelized by their competitors. Such a loyal audience may not be curious about products they don’t know, depending on the persona targeted, and the industry they belong to.

Taking luxury products as an example again, the overall experience offered to a client is very important. Consequently, WeChat Moments Ads may bring more conversion when users had previously experienced the products offline.

To sum up, using this targeting option on Moments Ads will depend on the consumer journey identified in Brands’ industries, and should be part of an overall Marketing strategy to maximize the conversion.

Official Account Type

Following the same logic as the “Behavior” option that targets identified Official Accounts (e.g. Louis Vuitton Official Account), this option allows brands to target Official Accounts by type.

Here, we are speaking about the industry the Official Account belongs to. For instance, it is possible to target users who are following WeChat Official Accounts about “Travel”, “Fashion”, “Gaming”, and much more.

The advantage is to target WeChat users who are not simply identified as “Travel” lovers for example, but who are actually active about Travel topics, and are therefore following several Travel Official Accounts to be updated about their interest.

This way, Brands can use WeChat Moment Ads to target users who are active on the platform, and also active about their interests. Brands are therefore displaying their ads to people who have a real interest in their products.

Knowing all the options offered to target the best audience to suit your WeChat Moment Ads strategy, let’s have a look at all the different Ads offered by the platform.

The Different Types Of WeChat Moments Ads

There are many different ways to spread your brand message on Moments. The first option is to select an existing type of ads we call “Regular Moments Ads” offered by the WeChat platform. The second one, called “Special Ads”, is a bespoke solution allowing brands to create specific types of ads.

The Basics Moments Ads Proposed

Common Characteristics of Basics Moments Ads

This “basics” Moments Ads allow brands to display pictures and videos in several ways on the WeChat Moments. The platform offers a large catalogue of different types of Ads brands can select. We are going to present the multiple options in this section.


Redirections Inside The WeChat Ecosystem

Basics Moments Ads can only redirect users who click towards links inside the WeChat platform. For example, the Ad can redirect towards a WeChat Mini Program, Official Account, H5 Landing page, etc... All the different options are explained below.



We previously mentioned that WeChat users appreciate staying inside the super-app for several purposes. Therefore, being redirected towards pages inside the platform appears as an advantage for brands.

Pushing users to stay inside the WeChat ecosystem is obviously also a benefit for WeChat, and this is probably why Basics Moments Ads are a more affordable option than Special Ads.


The Different Redirections of Basics Moments Ads

Once they click on the Ad’s link, users could be redirected to.

  • A landing page inside the WeChat Ecosystem leading to a full screen advertisement.

  • A Coupon

  •  An Official Account

  • Location-Based-Services such as a shop location (up to 100 different locations for one ad), a support map, a navigation system, and contact information with a phone number

Allowing Interactions

Basics Moments Ads allow users to interact with the brand who advertise. They can put likes and comments, enhancing engagement with the brand who can answer to their reactions.

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The Different Types Of Basics Moments Ads

There are two different types of Basic Moments Ads: Regular Ads (picture or video) that are implemented in a native way inside the Moments, and Card Mode Ads, which are larger.

Regular Picture Ads


Characteristics of Regular Picture Ads

The regular picture ad fits on the user’s Moments. The Ad includes up to 6 picture(s) that appear as native. This means that your brand’s picture appears the same way as the user’s contacts’ pictures.

Picture Ads also include a caption of 40 characters maximum that will appear above the selected picture(s). In addition, users can like and comment on the advertisement, and click on a text link.


Regular Picture Ads Examples


Regular Video Ads


Characteristics of Regular Video Ads

The Regular Video Ad appears with a native size on the user’s moment feed. 6-15 seconds video are supported, and two different dimensions are allowed:

  • 4:3
  •  16:9

Video Ads include a caption up to 40 characters that appears above the video. Viewers can like and comment on the video, as well as click on the text link.

It is also possible to click on the video to watch it better. Two additional options are available when clicking on this type of ads:

  • Full screen video with a full video longer than the maximum of 15 seconds when appearing on the Moments feed;

  • Full screen video up to 15 seconds


Regular Video Ads Examples


Card Mode Ads

Card Mode Ads take up the full width of the WeChat Moments feed, making Ads more visible and differentiating them from other ads.

They also include a title of 10 characters maximum and a caption of up to 30 characters.

Card Mode Ads With Picture(s)


Characteristics of Card Mode Ads With Picture(s)

Card Mode Ads can include up to 6 picture(s). For this type of Ads, pictures should respect a size of 800x450 and should not be heavier than 300ko.


Card Mode Ads With Pictures Examples


Card Mode Ads With Video

Card Mode Ads can display a video from 6 to 15 seconds that should respect a maximum of 640x360 pixels.

The Special Ads On WeChat Moments

Special Ads Moments are offering brands many more opportunities to engage with customers than Basic WeChat Moments Ads. However, this type of Ads are among the most expensive options for brands. Depending on the advertising investment, the features related to Special Ads are unlocked.

Characteristics of Special Ads on WeChat Moments


The Budget

A Brand who chooses to advertise on WeChat using Special Moments Ads should be aware that this option is only available for brands that invest a minimum of 1 million RMB into WeChat Moments.


External Links

One of the advantages of using Special Ads is the option to add an external link into the call-to-action. Therefore, brands who advertise can redirect users towards their own website, an app store, a shopify shop or external landing pages for example.

Some Special Ads Features


Practicing A/B testing

WeChat allows Brands to practice A/B testing with Special Ads. A/B testing is a marketing technique that shows several variants of an Ads to figure out which one triggers more conversions.

Special Format

As we previously mentioned, the Basics format of WeChat Moments could be native (Regular Ads) or take the full width (Card Ads) of the Moments feeds. With the Special Format Ads, brands can let their creativity speak and ask for bigger - or smaller - Ads size. This option allows an entire customization of the final ad design, for both pictures and videos.

Interactive Videos

The best way to trigger engagement from your audience is to make your ads interactive. This way, users can enjoy a special experience by interacting with your ads. A good example is the Lancome Moments Ads launch to promote one of their fragrances. WeChat users had to draw a heart with their fingers in order to unlock the ad.

 Advertiser Interaction

With the Special Ads, users can like and comment on the Ads the same way Basics Ads allow them, but with more interactions. They can, for example, chat with the brand in private.


KOL Collaboration

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) collaboration is a way to benefit from a celebrity’s fanbase. The KOL profile appears as the one who posted the Moments ads.

360 Degree Ads

An excellent way to promote products, services and places is to display them in a 360 degree video. Potential customers can therefore have a complete look at what brands are selling, making the ad experience more unique.

Keyword Search Ads

With the Special Format Ads, brands can have access to a Keyword Search feature. This feature allows them to display the keywords on their ads and display it to people looking for these specific keywords on the WeChat ecosystem.


Some Example Of WeChat Special Moments Ads

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Lancôme launched a special format, interactive WeChat Moments ad that encouraged users to draw a virtual heart shape to unlock the brand’s holiday gift sets.

You have now all the keys to understanding Moments Ad and their advantages for your brand. We hope this guide helps you define better your target audience and the type of ads that will suit your brand’s WeChat Ads strategy the best.

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